Factors That Affect the Cost of Home Cleaning 

Without a doubt, people don’t have a lot of free time nowadays. Perhaps you are one of them. Since you’ve got a little free time, you probably want to spend it doing things that you enjoy. This can be painting, visiting friends, or hiking.  

So, when should you clean your home if you don’t have free time anymore? How can you maintain the cleanliness of your carpets and bathrooms if you don’t have time to clean them? 

This is where a professional cleaning company comes in. Cleaning companies help people meet their cleaning needs. However, just like any service, they cost money.  

How much does it cost to hire professional Portland home cleaners? The answer to this question greatly depends on these factors: 


If you live in a region where the cost of living is cheaper, then the cost for a home cleaning service will probably be more affordable as well. For instance, the cost of a house cleaning service in cities like Los Angeles will be more expensive compared to small towns and rural locations. 


Typically, homeowners can save a bit of money if they schedule routine cleaning services. This can come in several forms. This includes bi-monthly, monthly, weekly, or daily.  

Experience of the Cleaner 

How many years of experience does the cleaner have? This can influence their pricing. A highly experienced cleaner will usually charge more compared to an amateur. However, you can always guarantee a high-quality experience from an experienced service provider.  


A cleaning company usually charges an hourly rate. However, some charge a fixed rate. The pricing structure of the company can also affect the overall cost of your cleaning service.  

Average Cleaning Time 

You will probably pay more if you are searching for a one-time service or simply for someone to come to your home for a couple of hours to clean. In addition to that, cleaners require more money to cover their travel expenses since they are not working that long. 

For those who don’t know, a lot of companies provide a discounted rate or lower their hourly fees for extended cleaning periods.  

Square Footage 

One of the biggest factors that affect the cost of home cleaning is the size of your house. A two-story house will cost a lot more compared to a single-room apartment.  

Bigger properties require more time to clean. It also needs more people. Aside from that, it also needs more cleaning products.  

Choice of Services 

Oftentimes, services play a huge part in the cost of a home cleaning service. This is also known as specialization. 

 For example, you’ve got a 3-bedroom home that requires a bi-weekly cleaning service that includes carpet cleaning. Another house in the neighborhood with the same square footage that needs the same services without carpet cleaning will pay less than you.  

Specialized services always cost more. Thus, you should consider your budget if you want to tackle more unique services, such as hardwood floor maintenance, appliance cleaning, window washing, and more.